Every Goal from 2015/16 Cup Season

Goals weren’t easy to come by for the Red and White Army during the 2015-16. Forest managed to score a total of just 43 goals over the course of the season. To put in perspective only three other teams scored fewer and powers like Burnley and Brighton led the way with 72 goals a piece in the English League Championship. While finding the back of the net proved to be difficult, that’s not to say there wasn’t some impressive goals along the way this past season. Check out this video to look back at every goal that was scored.

2015-16 Season Review

It was a disappointing season for Nottingham Forest. The 2015-16 campaign had it’s ups and downs, including a great 15-game stretch, where they team went 7-7-1. Unfortunately that was the only real positive stretch from last year. Things got so bad that manager Dougie Freeman was sent packing. On the bright side, there’s positives to take from every season. This video really does a nice job of recapping the roller coaster ride of the 2015-16 season.

2015-16 Forest Season Preview

If you are wanting something to help you get excited about the upcoming season for Nottingham Forest, check out this great 2015-16 preview by NFFC Trend End. Enjoy a look back at the previous years highlights and some of the excitement you can expect to see over the coming months of the new season. There’s some high expectations for the Reds, as they believe they have what it takes to make promotion.

Greatest FA Cup Victories All-Time

Want to re-live some of the greatest victories for Nottingham Forest? This is the video for you. Make sure you have some time to kill, as this video is almost an hour in length. With the struggles the team has been going through over recent years, it’s nice to take some time and look back at the success this club has had over the years. I consider myself a diehard fan of Forest, so I made a list of the biggest wins I could remember to see how my list stacked up to the victories that made the video. If you haven’t had a chance to watch this recap of the best wins all-time, I highly recommend doing so as soon as possible.

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